Identity-Middle school 4 life

This was my first year as a full time middle school coach and I wasn't sure what to expect. Even though I have been in the educational field for 5 years I was not the head coach/teacher which was still extremely terrifying. Especially the fact that I was going to be working with teenagers instead... Continue Reading →


I throw out the cast I pray someone hooks it I see the difference in me I am the outcast No one will reel in the hook I'm the difference no one will see The cast has been thrown I see how I've grown I no longer care what people see I am the outcast... Continue Reading →

2 Worlds

Sitting here at the airport I'm stuck between two worlds. I live a life back home where I work and do my day to day tasks stuck in a loop searching for the next day to be over. Looking for tomorrow because the world I truly want to be in is his. I have been... Continue Reading →

Grad School: The Truth

Recently I started my masters program and for me that is a huge deal. School for me was never a priority growing up, but I had to change that once I became an athlete. I wasn't the greatest at it and my early childhood education failed me. I was very ADD and I know I... Continue Reading →

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