Riding Solo: WAG Scenario

Dinner Party:

HOST: Oh hey girl…you’re not bringing a plus one?

ME: Nope…Justin’s training.

HOST: Oh…where?

ME: Arizona…for spring training…its every March…

HOST: Oh yeah I knew that…He’s gonna be on tv right?

ME: Nope…not that I know of…I mean if MILBtv ever decides to work…or the MILB app

HOST: What? MILB..tv….

ME: Oh yeah never mind its a WAG thing..

HOST: WAG thing?

ME: WAGS we are wives and girlfriends of professional athletes…we are BADASS INDEPENDENT WOMEN (JK I didn’t say the last part, but it’s true)

HOST: OH cool but Justin’s not professional yet….right? He’s not on ESPN or anything….

ME: UM no he is a professional athlete…he just isn’t on the Major League team…but yes he is a PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL PLAYER….

HOST: So no plus one for you…..

ME: NOPE…Im riding solo….

I am pretty sure we can all relate to these types of scenarios when it comes to dating a professional athlete. I get into these types of discussions on the daily. Especially at work…you’d be surprised how many people honestly have no clue about professional sports. I mean I guess if I wasn’t dating a professional baseball player I might be as clueless, but most likely not, because I grew up around baseball. The funniest part about this discussion is the little cues that redirect them to question what the Hell I am talking about. I have to catch myself at times and remember that most people have no clue what a WAG is or even what the MILB is. 

I cannot tell you how many times I have had to describe what the minor league system is and how it all works. Their reactions are hilarious…what do you mean he has to go through a farm system in order to make the bigs???? HELLO….people do you not realize that only 1% of these guys even make it!!!! 

One thing being a WAG has taught me is to enjoy my time “riding solo”. Yes,  I get lonely and upset at times because I feel that baseball may be getting in the way of our life together. Then I realize all that we have accomplished together, the obstacles, and there are even times where most relationships would have given up, but we did not. We have literally tackled every battle and came out victorious. Not only that but, I have become more independent, and I have also become a more social person. 

In the past I would depend on my other half to talk me through conversations with people, because honestly I am a very quiet person. I have always had high-anxiety when meeting new people. I remember going over to a friend of Justin’s and we were all sitting in the hot tub and one of his friends made the comment “You hate words….” I mean I was super embarrassed and of course I laughed at it, but thats when I realized I need to relax and just be myself. Justin is completely opposite of me he is the “life of the party” and I am the girl requesting we leave at 9:30. I can only thank Justin for making sure I came out of  my shell. The WAG life has given me confidence, independence, and strength to be myself. 

To all my badass WAGS sisters, we will continue to ride solo and educate all the non-wags about our life. We love it. We live it. WE SLAY AT IT! NOW PLAY BALL!







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