The Pitcher’s GIRL: How to date a Reliever

I know I am not the only woman who is dating a reliever in the baseball business and I sure as heck will not be the last. We are a different type of female usually the more patient, probably chat throughout most of the game but, once we hear our pitchers name we stop all conversation and we forget the world even exists because for that moment your world is on the mound. Now don’t think I am discriminating the positions players gfs/wives…oh you are just as incredible because you have to go to every single game. The bullpen gals can miss games and most times we can show up to a game in the seventh inning without our man knowing and smile at him as he waves you down: cause you know he has been looking for you all game hahah… Then you just smile and wave confidently at him like you have been there the whole time.

After a walk off win!! 🎉⚾️❤️


This has been a long hard journey for me; the baseball life. I am prepared to share my struggles with you because I trust in this community and I believe all of us need to hear that we may not be the only one struggling with that issue or issues. I am just going to give you a little back story of Justin and I. Justin and I met in college he was 19 and I was 22 and of course we fell in love quickly and things began to turn serious. Ever since then we have grown together in our relationship we have gone through stages and I believe that baseball has helped me/us slow down and appreciate those moments instead of rushing into something I/we may not be fully prepared for. There was a time when all I believed I wanted was a husband and a family. Now that I think more about it I understand that I have gained more than a husband I have gained my best friend who will one day be my husband. Justin and I have fought battles because of things I wanted and he did not want yet due to circumstances. He is a lot more rational than I am and i have learned this through the years. When I am ready for a change in my life he talks me down to a change in hair style, because he knows we are not ready for that big of a change. It is usually just me comparing my age to where my life is and finally realizing I had nothing figured out like I hoped I did. I also believe this is apart of our womanly instinct to seek a family of our own. To build something with your own hands and create them into people. To have a family is instinct especially for me.

Nolan and Justin ♥️👫🐻

Right now my family consist of: Justin, our dog Nolan and me. So this is my unit, my team and yes it is not complete because Justin and I have a few things to do before that which consists of more life transitions like marriage, a home, etc…
I find myself upset because I believe baseball takes a lot from us and I have argued this with him and then I find myself feeling stupid. How could I get angry at you for following your dream? I’d apologize and we would go on and he would accept it because he understands. He wants those things too, but right now we have to focus on his dream because it requires that 24/7.

Just like it requires my full attention when he steps on the mound and for the whole 15-20 mins I get to see him shine. I remember exactly why I do it; because of him.





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