Living my life by the diamond one pitch at a time. 

This season has been a rough one. To watch the man you love fulfill a dream that could be taken from him at any moment is a trying journey. Also planning beyond the baseball life is almost nonexistent due to fear of his superstition that planning past it could change his destiny. (It’s an athlete thing…if you think it to much your fate can change to what you fear most) I have learned to understand his drive and love for the game, because at one time that was me. I lived for the diamond. I played the game for 20 years and I never thought I would find myself without it, and here I am still in it. This time I am on the other side of the fence cheering instead of competing. 

I was five when I played my first game, but I don’t remember much until I moved to Texas and began to play competively. That’s when I learned the game is so easy to fall in love with. Yes many times it is a love/hate relationship, but I feel God knew this was a game I needed to understand in order to take care and love my future spouse the way he needed to be loved. The man I love is a ballplayer and a great one, I am able to understand his trials with the game. I am able to see how much the game can take from you but also how much it can give you. Living by the diamond is what I was made for, but I have also come to realize it isn’t for everyone. The game will take a lot from you. It takes the man you love on a journey you cannot protect him from. It will try to break apart your love for one another with tests and fear of failure. But it can also create a bond that can never be broken because of those trials faced beyond the game. 

The strategy of baseball is not simple the game is 90% mental and 10% physical. The game is based on strategies and having to think quick on your feet. You have to know each play before a pitch is even thrown. You always have to be one step ahead or you fail. The game teaches you patience and that failing 9 time out of 10 is actually not a bad thing because you always have a chance to redeem yourself. I took what I learned from the game and I use it in my everyday life. I understand that I will pick him up during his failures and remind him he will succeed even after the worst game. I know what it feels like to lose a game because I didn’t hit the runners in, or to make an error when we needed to make that out to win. I also know the rush you feel when you succeed at getting that game winning hit or out. It’s a beautiful game and living by the diamond is a luxury and an adventure I won’t take for granted. Even if our life is on a slower pace than most I am truly grateful that God chose me for him. All along he was shaping me into a partner who could understand the game and understand what the love of my life would need during his journey living on the diamond. 

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