WAGS vs Fans 


Excuse me can I please see my man before the game?….you’re in the way when I am trying to talk to him…yes I see you want his autograph…but see I only get to see him for five minutes before the game…and I’m only here for the weekend…you can have him after…oh you want to sell his autographs on eBay…cool…well I don’t want to be rude but no you cannot take a picture with my man…ugh fine…you can take a pic…yes I am territorial…cause he’s mine…and your googly eyes over him make me want to vomit…could you even handle the distance…probably not…okay I need to be nice…he wouldn’t have a job without them…well I’m more okay with the 30 year old men watching you then the thirsty girls wanting a piece of that baseball booty…I have a problem…haha…okay awe…he notices me first anyway…yes the chicks see it…he’s mine…bye ✌️💁

I wrote these thoughts down when I was at a baseball game waiting to see my  ball player. This was the atmosphere and these are the thoughts I had as I saw each fan come up to him. Now don’t get me wrong I love the fans, they make it possible for my man to follow his dreams. I just get territorial and protective. There is also some huge postives to this career for him. He gets to make children’s dreams come true when he signs a ball for them or a piece of equipment. It’s the coolest thing to see another person light up after having a conversation with my guy. He’s great with the fans and they give him nothing but praise. So I do appreciate them very much. But we all know we think this as we watch people awe over the one we love. It’s not an easy position, but we appreciate the love they give. 

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