Rookie Travel Mistake

Since I have gotten home I have found comfort in my own space. I also have found comfort in breathing in clean fresh air. No offense to rooming with the greatest guy roomies of all time, but it is truly nice to smell my beautiful scentsy filled apartment. Also I keep it very clean because I have become more appreciative of things I have worked hard for. 

But funny story after getting home from driving 17 hours from Lynchburg, Va to Rowlett, Tx….I walked into my apartment and smelt a big wiff of what I thought could be a dead rodent in my apartment. I began to freak out…wandering what could have been in here for two months while I was away? Just dying, decaying and leaving my beautiful, nice, pristine apartment…ruined. So I noticed the smell got worse as I got closer to a cabinet…and y’all I realized at that moment what I had done…a true rookie mistake…in Texas heat…in a closed up apartment…in a dark…warm…space…I opened the cabinet and there they were…potatoes…they literally had grown what looked like potatoe mold and a type of poo liquid in the cabinet. I slammed the door shut and began to cry from delirium and the fact that I believed I ruined the whole apartment by forgetting to throw away a darn bag of potatoes. Mind y’all I’m exhausted I drove alone…17 hours.So I begin to freak out and I grabbed what I could fester up from my cleaning products to clean this disgusting moldy, deathly smelling, potatoe diarrhea in my cabinet. After I began to get a headache from the smell…of course I researched on freaking google if you could die from potatoe mold. Talk about hypochondriac…I called my boyfriend crying and told him I ruined the whole apartment and that I was going to die from the fumes of the potatoes because I had read an article…a Russian article about a child who became orphanced from her parents and family smelling potatoes fumes from their basement…supposedly… after researching potatoe mold  can let off a gas that can be deadly, but I mean you have to have a bunch of potatoes for that to happen not one bag…so I learned my lesson when you leave for a whole summer check your cabinets. So maybe you won’t have to go through what I did. 

Now my apartment is back to normal…the mold and smell is gone..thanks to lots of bleach, vinegar, soap, and baking soda. 

Lessons have been learned. Do not leave potatoes in the cabinets for too long and do not research about potatoes killing you. 

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