2 Worlds

Sitting here at the airport I’m stuck between two worlds. I live a life back home where I work and do my day to day tasks stuck in a loop searching for the next day to be over. Looking for tomorrow because the world I truly want to be in is his. I have been praying hard to God asking him what I should do. Do I follow my heart? Do I stay safe? I don’t know what to do, but I do know God and the universe will guide my heart. At least I pray it will.

I left behind not only my heart today but also beautiful friends who get me and understand his world because they are living it everyday with the men they love. They took the leap and followed their hearts. Some of them have a better financial status and not as many ties but others do not but they make it work. They have found ways to survive.

I pray one day to be apart of his world to be able to grow with him on this journey and one day I will. I will continue to pray and allow God to strengthen each of our hearts through the trying times. Through the loneliness, through the missed memories apart and through each stepping stone of our lives. I pray we always find love in one another and hope.

To all my Wags. I love you and I adored our short periods of time together. You women are my strength and I adore each of you. I adore your wisdom and the passion you show for your significant others to follow a dream that is never promised tomorrow. We are the hearts of this journey and many misunderstand us and judge us but we know the life. We know our men’s hearts.

God Bless you all,

XOXO The pitchers girl

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