Rookie Travel Mistake

Since I have gotten home I have found comfort in my own space. I also have found comfort in breathing in clean fresh air. No offense to rooming with the greatest guy roomies of all time, but it is truly nice to smell my beautiful scentsy filled apartment. Also I keep it very clean because... Continue Reading →

WAGS vs Fans 

WAG PREGAME THOUGHTS Excuse me can I please see my man before the game?'re in the way when I am trying to talk to him...yes I see you want his autograph...but see I only get to see him for five minutes before the game...and I'm only here for the can have him after...oh you... Continue Reading →

Riding Solo: WAG Scenario

Dinner Party: HOST: Oh hey're not bringing a plus one? ME: Nope...Justin's training. HOST: Oh...where? ME: Arizona...for spring training...its every March... HOST: Oh yeah I knew that...He's gonna be on tv right? ME: Nope...not that I know of...I mean if MILBtv ever decides to work...or the MILB app HOST: What? ME: Oh yeah... Continue Reading →

Seeing you for the first time..

My alarm sounds at 7:30 am. I put my head into my pillow and groan. It always seems like the morning comes to fast, especially when you are a college athlete. Knowing my day would last forever because I had softball practice and of course study hall. I wouldn't be in my bed until 10... Continue Reading →

Chapter 2 Sonima Galactic 

The next morning I awoke to the hologrammed view of what looked like the amazon rainforest. My head still hurt from falling yesterday. Even with a pounding headache all I could think about was seeing Lela.  I found my father sitting outside my door asleep. I awoke him with a nudge. He opened his eyes.... Continue Reading →

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