WAGS vs Fans 

WAG PREGAME THOUGHTS Excuse me can I please see my man before the game?....you're in the way when I am trying to talk to him...yes I see you want his autograph...but see I only get to see him for five minutes before the game...and I'm only here for the weekend...you can have him after...oh you... Continue Reading →

Riding Solo: WAG Scenario

Dinner Party: HOST: Oh hey girl...you're not bringing a plus one? ME: Nope...Justin's training. HOST: Oh...where? ME: Arizona...for spring training...its every March... HOST: Oh yeah I knew that...He's gonna be on tv right? ME: Nope...not that I know of...I mean if MILBtv ever decides to work...or the MILB app HOST: What? MILB..tv.... ME: Oh yeah... Continue Reading →

Seeing you for the first time..

My alarm sounds at 7:30 am. I put my head into my pillow and groan. It always seems like the morning comes to fast, especially when you are a college athlete. Knowing my day would last forever because I had softball practice and of course study hall. I wouldn't be in my bed until 10... Continue Reading →

Chapter 2 Sonima Galactic 

The next morning I awoke to the hologrammed view of what looked like the amazon rainforest. My head still hurt from falling yesterday. Even with a pounding headache all I could think about was seeing Lela.  I found my father sitting outside my door asleep. I awoke him with a nudge. He opened his eyes.... Continue Reading →

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