Riding Solo: WAG Scenario

Dinner Party: HOST: Oh hey girl...you're not bringing a plus one? ME: Nope...Justin's training. HOST: Oh...where? ME: Arizona...for spring training...its every March... HOST: Oh yeah I knew that...He's gonna be on tv right? ME: Nope...not that I know of...I mean if MILBtv ever decides to work...or the MILB app HOST: What? MILB..tv.... ME: Oh yeah... Continue Reading →

Seeing you for the first time..

My alarm sounds at 7:30 am. I put my head into my pillow and groan. It always seems like the morning comes to fast, especially when you are a college athlete. Knowing my day would last forever because I had softball practice and of course study hall. I wouldn't be in my bed until 10... Continue Reading →

Chapter 2 Sonima Galactic 

The next morning I awoke to the hologrammed view of what looked like the amazon rainforest. My head still hurt from falling yesterday. Even with a pounding headache all I could think about was seeing Lela.  I found my father sitting outside my door asleep. I awoke him with a nudge. He opened his eyes.... Continue Reading →

5 things that help ease loneliness

Due to being in a long distance relationship 6 months out of the year I've learned how to deal with being lonely. My boyfriend and I have been together now for five years but out of those five years we've only been together physically half the time. I've learned to appreciate myself through those times... Continue Reading →

Will I ever know

Will I ever know... what it's like to see you as more than a stranger?  Will I ever know... the reason why you stole that from me?  Will I ever know... the way you would put me to bed at night? Will I ever know... if you would choose a fairytale over a folk tale?... Continue Reading →

Long Horrible Distance 

Have you ever yearned to touch the person you love more than you have wanted to breathe?  I have. Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night from a deep sleep and look to the right side of your bed to grab onto the pillow where your significant other usually lays just... Continue Reading →

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